We are having a party!

Still House presents the work of New York based artist, Tracy Timmins.
Her show Collages features 12 prints from the artist’s most recent body of work inspired by advertisement, news, fashion, and film.
Stop by our opening party on Friday, May 10th from 6-8pm to have the first look!

Massive Bird Nests

No these aren’t haystacks stuck in a phone pole. Visit the Kalahari Desert in the south of Africa and you’re bound to run into a peculiar animal called the Sociable Weaver Bird. The birds are called “social” not just because they live in organized colonies, but because they build massive homes out of sticks, grass and cotton that are home to several other kinds of birds. That’s right, the nests are so large that birds of other species are welcome to setup shop, not the least of which is the South African pygmy falcon which lives exclusively inside the social weaver’s nests that often accomodate over 100 birds at at time. Via www.thisiscolossal.com

Photographer Dillon Marsh has a lovely series of weaver bird nest photographs titled Assimilation that are well worth a look.

Still House loves Duo

during february 7th-14th shop at one store and receive 20% off at the other

 during february 7th-14th
shop at one store and receive 20% off at the other
stop by duo + still house saturday, february 9th
we’ll be serving prosecco to celebrate our week long shopping event
duo 337 east 9th street
between 1st + 2nd ave
still house 117 east 7th street
between 1st + ave a

*sale includes jewelry, fragrance + winter clearance items!