Our wood incense is made from palo santo, a wild tree native to South America. Translating to “holy tree” in English, palo santo is known for its calming scent that cleanses and purifies. Though its origin dates back to the Incan era, today, many people light the wood in their homes as an incense alternative. We have a beautiful selection of hand-crafted small bowls and plates to rest the bark in, adding a peaceful arrangement to any room and making a perfect small but meaningful gift. To use, you simply light your stick of palo santo, blow it out as soon as it ignites, and let the smoke fill your space.

Minimal yet thoughtful, our wood incense selection comes from local design studio Fredericks & Mae, who are always dedicated to using the highest quality and ethically sourced materials for their unique formations. Their bundle of palo santo comes with six sticks in a recyclable paper container. The wood is sourced in Ecuador and later packaged in Brooklyn.

Our collection of small bowls, plates, and matches to pair your wood incense with are created by New York-based artists as well such as Workaday Handmade, MONDAYS, Hudson Beach Glass, and more. From handmade ceramic bowls to delicate glass ones, we have many options for you to choose from in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Learn more about our collection of designers.

Wood burning incense sticks are simple, aesthetically pleasing, and add a sense of calm to any setting. Whether at home in your living room, by your bedside table, or even in your office—palo santo brings warmth and peaceful scents of nature. Wood incense makes a perfect gift to yourself and to others, encouraging you to pause and take a moment to unwind. For a beautiful set, you can pair them with any one of our incense holders or matches. Need styling advice? You can contact us at info@stillhousenyc.com or 212.539.0200 and we’d be happy to assist!